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Botox Treatment


Seventy Hyal 2000 is a bio-stimulating, injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) skin booster that aims to improve hydration levels within the skin. Seventy Hyal skin booster also works to simultaneously stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin



How does it work?


As we age, we produce less collagen and elastin – these are the cells that give your skin its structure and firmness. When these cells start to reduce, your skin can no longer hold its appearance and the first signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles start to appear.

Seventy Hyal works to treat the physiological depletion of Hyaluronic Acid via the infiltration of high molecular weight of Hyaluronic Acid back into the skin. We lose approximately 1% of our Hyaluronic Acid stores per year after the age of 30. Thus, resulting in fine lines and loss of facial volume. However, the high molecular weight of Hyaluronic Acid within Seventy Hyal helps to replenish and rejuvenate the skin. Working as the perfect Hyaluronic Acid skin treatment to improve skin tone, texture and laxity whilst adding gentle volume.

What are the benefits of Seventy Hyal?


  • Repairs and reconstructs skin

  • Strengthens and tightens the skin

  • Stimulates production of collagen and elastin

  • Intensely hydrates

  • Improves skin elasticity


How many treatments are required?

3 treaments are required at 3-4 weeks apart 

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